Blood Sweat & Beers

by Blood Bath & Beyond

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Blood Bath & Beyond: Blood Sweat & Beers
Special Thanks to
Karri Head
Richard Nasrallah
Sagan Reynolds
Karri’s Photography Habit


released June 15, 2019

Recorded & Mixed by: Ape Productions
Mastered by: Connor Head
Cover Art by: Bat Infested
Logo Art by: Keith Stewart
Booklet Art by : Blood Bath & Beyond


all rights reserved



Blood Bath & Beyond Florida

Blood Bath & Beyond is one metric shit ton of awesome from St. Petersburg that's prepared to burst onto the Metal scene (and your face) in Florida and show them how to do things Thrash Metal style.

We aim to bring you pure aggression in the most fun way possible.
Be prepared.
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Track Name: Show Me Hell
This Burning Deep Inside of Me
Consumes Everything
Trapped in My Own Hell
Falling Farther from Me
No End to This Tragedy
Trapped in My Own Hell
Nothing Left That I Can Do
I'm Just Going to Burn the World Down

Droves of Demons Consuming Everything
Greed and Pride is What Makes Them Full
Animosity Towards Diversity
With No Concern of Who's in Control
They Envy Stars and Well-Paid Whores
While Gluttony Takes A Hold
The Seven Deadly Sins Are Society's Goal

Show Me Hell, This Is Hell
Show Me Hell, Life Is Hell

Can't Stop, Won't Stop, It's Taken Over
The Fire Inside is Burning Strong
Can't Stand This World of Degradation
I Want to See It All Burn Down
Wash Away the Flames of Deceit
And Cool the Burns of Malcontent
Stupidity Plagues Humanity
Track Name: The Heartless
Now We Are the Heartless
Love and Empathy Replaced by Apathy
Now We Are the Heartless
Media Stains Our Minds of a Dying World
Now We Are the Heartless
Selfish Tendencies Without Moral Decrees
Now We Are the Heartless
Fuck You Fuck Me Fuck Us Cause We Are Doomed

Our Trust Replaced by Lust
All Our Trust Replaced by Lust
We Suppress All of Our Feelings with Vanity
Hoping No One Questions Our Morality
Broken Deep Inside the Foundation’s Cracked
There’s Nothing Inside

Now We Are the Heartless
No Satiation with What We Have Been Given
Now We Are the Heartless
We'll Destroy the World to Try to Stay Alive
Now We Are the Heartless
Social Paradigm of a Society in Decline
Now We Are the Heartless
Fuck You Fuck Me Fuck Us
Cause We Are Doomed
Track Name: Alone
What the Fuck Have I Become
All This Pain to Which I've Succumb
This Empty Shell That Serves as My Cage
With No Feelings Except Pain and Rage
Every day I Die a Little More
I Can't Understand What I'm Living For
Abused and Broken Is All I'll Ever Be
Plagued by Disease of Permanent Defeat

Try to Find Somewhere I Belong
Its Kind of Hard Cause I'm Meant to Be Alone
For All I've Lost and All I've Gained
This Hollowness Is All That Sustained
Cross My Heart and I Hope to Die
Cause I Feel Like I'm Living a Fucking Lie
Kill My Heart and Stab Me in The Eye
Cause All My Dreams Have Ran Dry

Day After Day I Get Lost in My Head
Sometimes I Know I'd Be Better Off Dead
My Defective Heart Washed Ashore
Broken and Beaten Defeated by This War
Every Day I Lose a Little More
Please Won't Someone Even the Score
Searching for Something to Fill This Hole
I Need to Find Something Worth Living For
Track Name: Alcoholocaust
Let's Drink Away the Pain, Drink to Keep Us Sane
Let's Drink the Night Away, Drink to Forget the Day
Drink till We Sound Good, Drink till I Look Good
So You Better Drink and Drink A Fucking Lot

It's A Motherfucking Alcoholocaust
Blurry Memories and Drunken Dreams of Better Things
It's A Motherfucking Alcoholocaust
Fuck the Consequences the Present Has No Regrets

Let's Party till We Die, I Can't Remember Why
I Woke Up in My Yard, Oh Wait That's Not My Yard
The Drinks Are Flowing Fine, We'll Leave No Beer Behind
Where We Go from Here, is Not So Fucking Clear

Cause All We Have is Hope, So Hope for Alcohol
To Save Us from Ourselves, But Not Pee Ourselves
I'm Too Drunk to Finish This Song
Track Name: Blood Sweat & Beers
With Our Beers Held High into The Sky
We Sing the Soundtrack to Our Lives
Stand with Us When You Hear the Call
Drunken Belligerence Consumes Us All

Music Running Through Our Veins
Expressing Ourselves Keeps Us Sane
Because We Will Never Surrender
In This God Damn Bloody Endeavour
We'll Fight Cause We Refuse To Lose
By Defeat, Retreat or Subterfuge
We'll Stumble Through This Battlefield
Of Life, Love, And Hypocrisy

Blood Sweat and Beers
Vital Components of a Metal Song
Blood Sweat and Beers
Drunk Expression Just Can’t Be Wrong
Blood Sweat and Beers
Motivation Through Alcohol
Blood Sweat and Beers
Vital Components of a Metal Song
Blood Sweat and Beers
Drunk Expression Just Can’t Be Wrong
Track Name: Whispers of the Dead
Bombs Going Off Like It's the End of Days
Once the Ground Shakes Everything's A Haze
Scream Out in Vain with So Much Blood and So Much Pain
Your Years of Service Has Cost You Everything

You Can't Stop the Screaming When It's All in Your Head
When the Cries of The Wounded
Become the Whispers of The Dead

The Dust Begins to Settle as You Crawl to Your Feet
Your Image of Death and War is Now Complete
The Blood of Your Friends A Stain That Won't Come Clean
Who Lives And Who Dies Can't Make Sense of Anything
Track Name: Who Shit My Pants
I Don't Know What Else to Do
So I'm Going to Party Until I Poo
Do What Ever Drug I Can
Fuck A Tree or Eat A Man

Who Shit My Pants?
Did You Shit My Pants??

The Stigma of Man Kind
Stained on The Back of My Pants
Consume All for A High
I Don't Care What It Has Inside

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